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Get a free take-home whitening kit !!!*

TEXT us back or call us to book your appointment!

Book your recall exam & cleaning appointment for Tuesday April 18th 2017 and we will give you a FREE take home whitening kit at the end of your visit! 

AND for every 2nd family member that your bring for their recall or as a new patient at the same time, you get and additional kit! ( to clarify : 2 kits for a family of 3 and 3 for a family of 5 ) *


* Details : please read the following : 1- This promotion only applies to the appointments on April 18, 2017. You need to show up to your appointment. Gifts are given at the end of your visit.  2- Patient should be active under insurance and at the same time eligible for exam & cleaning. We can check this for you ahead of your appointment but generally insurance companies cover this every 6 months  3- WALK-IN patients do not qualify for this offer. You need to book your appointment in advance AND mention this offer. 4- Appointments are limited.  5- this promotion can not be combined with any other special, promotion or offer.